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Why is it important?Stargirl, or Ms. Caraway had just entered Mica High School. Every student was impressed with her charisma. Her actions, like singing happy birthday and dancing in the rain showed her identity.

It also showed various traits, including how friendly she is and unfortunately, she still had no friends, because she was different. It is crucial because Leo realizes that he can’t compare the new girl in his class to anything he knows. That makes him understand that she is unique. Her actions were uncommon and never seen in school.Archie, Leo’s friend, and neighbor said this to the group composed by Kevin and Mr. Borlock. When the pair asks about Stargirl, this is his answer. It is vital to the book because it helps the main character and his colleague understand a little bit about the adolescent.

After the first days of school, students including Leo and Kevin could not understand anything about the new girl. Her way to deal with life was different than anything they saw before. After dancing in the rain, students were perplexed about what happened and of who she was. HUH was the only word the school could think about Stargirl at that moment. Little by little, students in Mica High School were starting to feel free and show their real personality and style. Leo also felt that way, free, but did not know how to express it. Maybe Stargirl should help him.

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..Leo wasn’t expecting a yes from Stargirl to participate in the hot seat. Now, he’s impressed and thinking that she is not that exotic. He would later discover that she is far more typical than he thought.This quote explains one of the first things Stargirl did that brought the attention of all students.

This quote marks the end of the book, in my opinion. Leo, now older and smarter, remembers Stargirl and all the love involved in this relationship. All the problems and all the good thing that happened between the young couple. Now, he sees that changing a person will only make everything worse; you need to love the person the way she or he is. Maybe if Leo were a little mature at the time, the relationship would work. After so many years, Stargirl still remembers him, giving Mr. Burlock a birthday present, a porcupine necktie.

While participating in the show created by Kevin and Leo, Stargirl tries to explain her name… the boys get impressed by her explanation. A name is made to fit the person, not the other way around. This constant change of names shows a lot about the girl’s personality, and everyone in Mica will discover that about her while watching the “Hot Seat” interview.

Stargirl taught Leo many lessons that changed his personality and the way he lives his life. Now, he knows how to laugh and take the best of all situations. This quote is delightful. My friends taught me a lot on how to experience my life to the fullest.

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