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"At long last, the wars were over. Arthur, the great king Camelot, had devoted his life to building a land of peace and justice. Now he wished to marry. But the peace was not to last. The most powerful of Author's knights, Prince Malagant, had long been jealous of the king's glory. Now he found cause to quarrel with Author and left Camelot with hatred in his heart. And so the land was divided again, between those who rallied to Prince Malagant, seeking the spoils of war, and those who stayed loyal to the king. And then there was Lancelot, a wanderer who had never dreamed of peace or justice or knighthood. Times were hard. A man made his living and way he could. And Lancelot had always been good with a sword…(The First Knight)"
This is the dialogue from my favorite movie. This is the era, period in which I have always dreamed of living in. To gallop on a white horse with my extra long hair flowing in the wind, as my knight and shining armor leads the way.It seems very romantic, but I have always been fascinated by the era. In history class all I can remember learning is about the kings and there selfish ways of ruling and the kingdoms they ruled. King Alexander and king Charles the eighth. I don't remember all the king just that many of them were pail from no sun light, and they rules there countries to the best of their abilities. Well, some did others kings just ruled to the best of their evilness.
In most history books and paintings, the Queens wore extravagant clothing.I have always liked their clothing, along with how they did their hair. Every queen and princess had many servants and their servants did everything for them, even helped them go to the bathroom. If I were living during this time the toilet thing would have to be changed.
All the kings and queens lived in beautiful castles, some with big walls surrounding the whole city, to protect the people. The castles had tons of rooms and …

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