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Whenever someone posts information on social media websites they are putting it out there for the world to see and use. If they are a high level athlete who is in a professional league and is getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars and they decide to post a picture of you smoking weed on your “private” instagram account and someone see’s it who they didn’t mean to and the harasser decides to blackmail you with the photo there is not much that person can do. They are the one who willingly put the picture of themselves out there and now anyone can have it. If the harasser decided to show the professional league the photo the athlete would most likely get fired. There are people who hack celebrities phone’s and ransom the information back to them. This also happens to regular everyday people. Most internet users open themselves to harassment and stalking every time they connect to the internet even if they are unaware of it. There is also a form of cyberstalking/cyberattack called ransomware. It is when a network connected device gets infected when an unsuspecting internet user clicks on an advertisement that is on the side of the screen and it directs them to download something and if they do their computer and now possible their entire company’s network is infected. It could also be sent to them as an attachment in an email. The ransomware then locks the user’s device so they cannot access it. They then have to pay in an anonymous cryptocurrency to get access to their devices back. Two different hospitals were recently affected by this, causing surgeries to get postponed because of the attack (Glaser). These cyber harassers and stalkers don’t care who they harm as long as they get their money or thrill out of it. All of the pop-ups and ads on the side of the screen whenever an internet user goes to a website can be considered a form of harassment. Think of it as those pesky kiosk people in the mall popping up in front of an unsuspecting customer constantly whenever the customer tries to enter a new store or go to a new location. That is what the internet has become. Internet users can’t scroll down a whole page on FaceBook without seeing an advertisement or false news of some sort. This internet may have brought the Age of Information, but it also brought along with it the Age of Harassment.

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