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you hear of the word slavery we have a painted picture of colonial America down
in the Southern colonies, with big plantation house, with workers being unpaid
and treated unfairly. At this moment, our country we are struggling with the
idea of everyone being equal. Equality is a major topic our country at the
moment, weather it being equal pay for women, or for equal rights in LGBTQ and
other topics. America has come a long way from those days but not without a
fight. We face a lot of other conflicts that are neglected and pushed to the
side. “The Embassy of Cambodia” relates with slavery because the main character
was not the first time that she had wondered if she herself was a slave, but
this story, brief as it was, confirmed in her own mind that she was not. After
all, it was her father, and not a kidnapper, who had taken her from Ivory Coast
to Ghana, but the family she worked for held her paper work. On the
other hand, just like the girl in the newspaper, she had not seen her passport
with her own eyes since she arrived at the Derawals, and she had been told from
the start that her wages were to be retained by the Derawals to pay for the
food and water and heat she would require during her stay, as well as to cover
the rent for the room she slept in. This was a form of slavery to me that she was
facing. We still face slavery, like we
did in colonial America. We have modern day slavery, that include many
different types of slavery. Human sex trafficking is a major international
policy concern in our generation. It doesn’t just happen within our walls but
all over the world. But, us as humans we don’t tend to pay attention to it.
it’s a worldwide issue. Sex trafficking, a form of human trafficking. It is an
act in trafficking women, children, and men and forcing them into sexual
conduct or prostitution. Sex trafficking increases every year, and many
innocent victims are affected by it.

Victims differ in age, socioeconomic
states, level of education, country the origin, and ethnicity. Even though,
anyone can be a victim of sex trafficking, but there are certain populations
are more exposed and vulnerable to this. Victims are usually lured by false
promises of stability or better education in another country. Third World
countries construct images of the west as a place of prosperity. For example,
in China people who pay to be smuggled to America have come to believe that
America is a land of opportunity, where anyone can work to pay off their
smuggling debts and then by a business in a couple more years (Kwong, 2001). Runways
and homeless youth are key victims of human trafficking, as well as victims of
domestic violence. Also, youth that the Department of Children and Family (DCF)
places in the foster care system because of being taken away from their family
or not having a family, once they turn 18 years of age they are let go into
society are major victims for human and sexual trafficking.


acts of sex and human trafficking can have a serious effect on the victim,
mentally and physically. People who have suffered from this trauma may suffer
from different type of abuses weather its mental or physical. The physical
effects of human trafficking are violence to control the victim or victims.
Some of these tortures include starvation, beating, rape and gang rape. victims
often suffer from physical abuse. “Injuries like broken bones, concussion,
bruising or burns caused by the person in charge tend to happen a lot” (SVAW).
Some of these injuries can cause lifelong problems for the victim. The
sexual assault involved can cause both physical and emotional pain and included
many different ways of torture. Women can be the victims of unwanted touching,
grabbing, oral sex, anal sex, sexual penetration with an object, and/or sexual
intercourse” (SVAW).  Countless number of
victims are under the influence either with alcohol or drugs in order to force
them into doing these acts. After, everything the victims are facing with
physical and emotional consequences, mental disorders and consequences are being
formed and present as well. The types of physical and sexual abuse lead to shocking
and disturbing effects like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression,
anxiety, social ideation and substance abuse and many more mental disorders.
Numerous victims associated with psychological and physical trauma with
trafficking can be horrendous, most of the victims do not reach out for help
because they feel helplessness and blame themselves for what has happened to
them. Most cases are left unaddressed 99constantly live with the fear of
reliving their past experiences. With that in their mindset it is difficult for
them to continue their life, it affects chances of getting a job, finding
someone to marry and starting a family. It leaves scars on the victim’s life.

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Human trafficking and sex trafficking increases the
spread of HIV/AIDS. It is recognized that victims of sex trafficking will
mostly likely be infected with a sexual transmitted disease.  Women and young girls who are forced to work
in the sex trade/ prostitution industry struggle with sexual and reproductive
problem most often the time after because they have been left untreated for so
long. Sexually transmitted disease and other gynecological problem are two of
the most popular in women and young girls. Moat women aren’t give
contraceptives or the option or opportunity to use birth control which leads to
various unwanted pregnancies and miscarriages, making them go through reproductive
issues in the future.


Clearly, trafficking humans
is not a single person operation or task, it requires many individuals being
involved. “Sex trafficking is the fastest growing global business of organized
crime with an estimated revenue of $32 billion per year, or $87 million a day.”
(Charity) The number one largest criminal enterprise in the world is drugs and
in close second is human trafficking and sexual trafficking. “The main source
of income for traffickers comes from the cash quotas that the victims must earn
nightly, which range from $500 – $1,000”. (Charity) Victims are punished if
these goals and quotes are not met, the victims are punished with physical
violence. The lead person in charge of the trafficking can make more money in a
month than some people in a whole year of an actual job. When looking into who
actually “operates” the trafficking business, there are various individuals involved.
There are investors, transporters, funders in the trafficking and oversee the
operation. Next there are the recruiters that spot out the victims. After them
there are the transporters that moves the victims. “People called “money
movers” are in charge of laundering the proceeds of the trafficking. There are
some people who run their trafficking business single handedly, but there are
also larger operations that work all over the world that involve many people to
make it possible. “(SITE)


In conclusion, human
trafficking is a major problem worldwide, but is very overlooked. Around
According to the U.S. State Department, 600,000 to 800,000 people are
trafficked across international borders every year, of which 80% are female and
half are children. (Dosomething.org). these victims are forced into sexual
labor and anything else to make money. Most of them are left with emotional and
physical scars and trauma leaving them stuck trying to merge back in society as
a normal human. Human trafficking and sexual trafficking being an overlooked
topic, many people do not know or focus on the topic. Getting informed is a
great way to help spread the word and make a change.









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