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When have you taken the time to stop and look around at the little things? It’s so natural to get caught up in the things we do in our day to day lives.

Sometimes, taking a step back from all the hustle and bustle, and thinking about what makes us happy is the only way to solve our problems. It might be the way leaves fall as if they’re birds gliding through the air, purposeful yet natural, or perhaps even the way the Sun rises everyday, without fail. Seamlessly, almost as if it’s all been planned out to a tee. For you, a little thing could be when a stranger goes out of their way to hold the door open just a bit longer. For me, a little thing could be my favourite pint of ice cream waiting for me at the end of a long week. The simple things, that help us function, like how our hearts don’t beat at the same rhythm. How our eyes don’t look at the world the same way.

It’s those almost unimportant things that we don’t pay attention to that count at the end. It’s that neighbour that I always share an awkward smile with as we cross paths, one just enough to brighten up each of our days, and keep us going. The subconscious way that her eyes crinkle as she holds the elevator door open for me. It’s become a routine, for the both of us, one that I never used to care about. It’s the erratic breaths of my dog fanning over my face, as he comes to greet me at the door. The way he bounds towards me, ecstatic for no other reason than I’m walking through the front door. It’s the innocence in our actions that gives me renewed hope.

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It’s my friends, and the way they effortlessly make me grin with everything that they do. There’s no grand gestures of any sort, instead it’s how they send me pictures of dogs they see on the street, or even when they just know my order by heart, because we’ve spent so much time together that it’s been committed to memory. It’s a miracle almost, just glancing at the beauty of the world around us. We are constantly surrounded by it, yet somehow we manage to neglect it. Everyday, the Sun changes to hues of orange, slowly, and then almost all at once.

The sunset, one of the world’s most magnificent phenomenons, is often a side character in all of our lives, because there’s always too much going on. There will never be a time when everything stops, long enough for us to properly look at the world. I urge myself everyday to open my eyes a little bit more, perhaps to the person who’s been looking a little down for the past week. We deserve more happiness than we’ll ever begin to believe, and I’m working on that.

Take heart and be kind, appreciate the little things. (498 words)

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