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When one thinks of DNA they might think of a double helix or genetic code, but somemay think of the many scientists involved in its creation. Some scientists that come to mind arethe famous James Watson, Francis Crick, Maurice Wilkins and Rosalind Franklin, but anotherscientist who also helped to discover DNA was Linus Pauling. Linus was involved with DNAbecause he discovered the spiral structure of proteins.

Linus also had other scientificaccomplishments in his life as a well known biochemist. Lastly Linus was a known peace activistand protested weapons of mass destruction, and as a result, he won the Nobel Peace prize.Though Linus Pauling was a bio-chemist, he also is credited as the discoverer of thespiral shape of proteins. Due to his findings he greatly impacted and assisted the famous scienceduo Watson and Crick who discovered DNA. He discovered the structure of proteins in 1944.

Like most scientist working in this filed at the time he used X-Ray crystallography to councledthe spiral structure of DNA. Due to breakthroughs in proteins and DNA he is often referred to asthe founder of molecular Biology. Though linus did not discover DNA he did greatly assist thediscovery of DNA by finding the spiral structure of protein.Linus was not just a molecular bio scientist, he was also a well known biochemist. Linuswas such a well known biochemist that he won a nobel prize in chemistry for his vigorousresearch into into chemical bonds. More specifically the “nature of the chemical bond and itsapplication to the elucidation of the structure of complex substances.

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” That means he wasresearching the mystery of chemical bonds and how they react in complex structures. He won hisnobel prize in 1954 shortly after his book on chemical research debued. Though he did notdirectly discover DNA linus did make many groundbreaking discoveries in different fields ofbioscience including chemical and molecular.Finally Linus also received a nobel peace prize in 1962. Linus was working in and aroundthe time of World War 2 and witnessed the mass destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Whenhe witnesses these events he decided to speak out against them and started his scientific protests.He started the Pugwash movement, which was a movement of protest against hydrogen andnuclear bombs being produced by world powers.

The movement also protested against thenuclear arms race. Lastly he wrote the Hiroshima Appeal and because of the appeal the USA,Russia, and Great Britain halted the production of nuclear weapons though they were able toretain previously constructed bombs. The ban of nuclear became active on October 10, 1963 andon that same day Linus received his Nobel peace prize.

Though Linus made many greatdiscoveries in science his most important contribution to the world was his protests againstnuclear weapons.Though many scientist are credited with finding or assisting in the discovery of DNA,without Linus Pauling discovering the spiral structure of protein those other scientist may nothave even discovered DNA. Linus not only assisted in the discovery of DNA, but also won aNobel prize in chemistry. Lastly L

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