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Whatever you are selling, customer management is a vital aspect of every business for success. This is where customer relationship management, i.e. CRM software comes to play. There are different types of CRM system and software solutions available in the market today, here are some types as explained by one the leading software development companies.

Operational CRM

This type of CRM system streamlines the business processes – including Sales automation, Marketing automation and Services automation. The main objective of operational CRM is focusing on software applications which assist in incorporating multiple data sets available on each customer into one file. It used for lead generation and conversion. To offer better services all through the customer lifecycle. Within operational CRM are three kinds of systems –

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•    CRM Service Automation

The two main objectives why customer service is increasingly automated is to lower labor costs and to enhance customer satisfaction. It allows businesses to retain customers by proffering the best quality of service and building strong customer loyalty. The CRM service automation includes intelligent tools such as knowledge base, intelligent routing, customer call management, service quality monitoring, AI chatbots, IVR, workflow automation etc.

Case Study

Intelegain, the leading website and software development company, specializing developing CRM solutions, explains how they proffered a Service automation CRM to one of their customers.

Solution – Intelegain developed a customer loyalty platform, primarily built for all operating platform desktops, tablets and mobiles. The solution enables customers to build and promote customer loyalty and reward them for business loyalty. It provides business promotions management. Furthermore, the customer also has the access to an app via which they can track loyalty rewards and benefit from the promotions offered by businesses.

•    CRM Marketing Automation

The main objective of marketing automation is finding out the optimal method of offering products and approach targeted customers. A major module in this type of CRM is the campaign management. It allows the business to decide the most effective channels like – face-to-face meets, phone calls, emails or social media ads, to reach their potential customers.

•    CRM Sales Automation

Sales Automation assists organizations to automate their sales process. The primary objective of sales automation is to set a standard within the company to acquire new customers and deal with the current customers. It organizes information in a way that the business can meet customers’ requirement and augment sales more efficiently and effectively. CRM Sales Automation includes several types of CRM sales modules like contact management, Quote-to-order management, lead management and sales forecasting etc.

Case Study


Intelegain was the chosen mobile application development company by the client in order to develop CRM sales and service management system. The client was a specialized provider of security products such as intercoms and CCTV. It also offered installation services.

Solution – Intelegain developed a Sales automation CRM for them to replace their old/ outdated system to enable owners their staff to create and manage their daily operations like field staff, staff, clients and invoices and tickets assignment to field staff. The solution provided also allowed field staff to update the status of the tickets or jobs assigned to them remotely on their mobile by office staff on the status of delivery and installation. The applications’ features included product inventory management as well.

Analytical CRM

The analytical CRM looks into the customer data from an analytical perspective for better ways of coming up with marketing strategies and sales that can be effective for future sales. They will look at data from all the different databases and then by utilizing techniques like data-mining, will find patterns and trends. This allows the organization to look at the data from a wider point of view, permitting the better creation of long-term strategies and customer management.

Collaborative CRM

Collaborative CRM systems emphasize integrating external contacts – like distributors and vendors – and providing data to its customers through the extranet. This permits the customers to be proactive regarding the improvement of services they receive from a business, by proffering them with a support center, new tools and technologies.

Case Study

The client had hired Intelegain as their software outsourcing partner to develop a collaborative CRM. The client was a consultancy to RTO (Registered Training Organizations) operating in Australia. They needed to develop a comprehensive system to assist their client (RTO) in institute management and administration.

Solution – Intelegain developed an optimal online system that integrated the RTO’s management successfully, driving efficiency, increasing staff participation. Its features included document management, CRM (Clients and opportunities), messaging, operational schedule, projects and tasks, professional development, audits etc.


Diverse types of CRM systems have different features and advantages. Therefore, it is important to study each type of CRM and decide on your business objective and goal before selecting and implementation.
















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