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What does it take to be a successful “A” student? Becoming a
good student means you have to be self-disciplined and work hard to get the
grades that you want. However, there are more ways you could stick out from the
rest of the class. Good scholars are well known by their mental capabilities,
attitude, apprehension, and accomplishments.

For starters,
a good student must possess a strong sense of mental capabilities. This
includes the qualities of being able to read and comprehend passages, know how
and when to use resources given, a strong background of mathematical and
logical skills and lastly the ability to communicate with peers fluently. With
all of that in mind, all of these qualities have to do with good time
management, good work ethic, and setting goals in place

          Next, a good student
must present a good yet positive attitude in everything they do. A good student
must entail the desire to learn and the grit to do the hard work to understand
what is being given. It is also presented by how you apply yourself in the
classes you may not like so much maybe because of the teaching style you are
not familiar with. Attitude can modify your way you interpret things if you go
in with a willingness to learn seeming new or simply to work hard at a hard
class it could teach you something you may not have always known.

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being apprehensive is another aspect of a good student. Being a good “A”
student means you have to a aware of your surroundings, engaging in what going
on around you. This is important in being a “A” student because we should care
what is going on academically and socially. Being apprehensive enables you to
grasp and continuously learn and then to applying it.

Lastly, an
“A” student must present the successful implementation of knowledge. This mean
they must use the correct and assertive skill, effective conveyance, and
continuing their willingness to learn throughout life. Performance gives a
student the feeling on accompshiment. To be considered a good “A” student, they
must be able to attain the willingness to commit.

All in all,
these are some qualities I believe to be important in being a good “A” student.

Although this may not be all of the qualities I by far feel these are the key
one to help any individual who strives to being an “A” student aware of what it

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