America and all of thecultures clashed from the

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America declared independence on July 4th 1776, although America was not
united when it begun, it soon became united through common hard-times and
great leaders. America was discovered and settled by many different cultures
and all of thecultures clashed from the start. After studying the colonies
I have come to the conclusion that the “glue”that held them together was
made up of: religious bonding, leadership abilities, their economic
situations, the lack of communication with England, and philosophy.
The colonies spread from New York to Georgia and had several ethnic groups
thathad nothing in common except the belief of freedom to, practice
religious beliefsand political views. No one realized this until it was
brought to the table by major events and leaders. Although there are
hundreds of events that took place there are four major ones in particular:
the Great Awakening, the Enlightenment, Revenue Acts, and the Albany Plan.
There were also many great leaders such as John Locke, Thomas Paine and Ben
In 1773 the emotional, spiritual, and evangelical movement labeled the
Great Awakening was lead by George Witefield, Jonathan Edwards and Elija
Weelock. These three leaders helped many colonist by preaching in traveling
revivals spreading the word of God to the colonist. The word of god they
preached was calvinism and predestination. People feared predestination and
grew closer in fear of God and become more spiritual.
The 18th century was an Age of Reason were the ideas of the Great Awakening
were reversed. This Enlightenment was the result for the people’s thirst for
knowledge, the focus was the search for human knowledge, ideas, and
inventions. Practical experimentation became the method of understanding.
Ben Franklin was a father of the Enlightenment and a great leader because he
promoted the spread of reason through out the colonies. He was…

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