What is the role of region in telling the story of the United States

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The United States of America is one of the countries with high living standards; the population of the country is composed of the natives, immigrants, and tourists. Immigrants contributed greatly to its success in economic development; the country has always emphasized to the world on application and respect of human rights.

In the yester day’s, when revolutions failed in Europe, families set their journey to the United States for refuge. After construction of railways, many immigrants from different countries moved to the United States for various reasons such as trade. The immigrants contributed to development of America and its character as a country.

The aspect of history of immigration includes struggles with ethnicity, racial, religion among others which contributed to development of America. The diversity of religion led to tolerance and every religious group had freedom of worship which is a central part in American creed.

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Immigrants who came to the United States as a result of economical problems in their countries contributed greatly to its economical development. The immigrants who came from countries with economic and political institutions had confidence in those institutions in United States and they put their effort in making them work. The use of this region in the story is to show clearly that United States is an open society that allowed immigrants to contribute to its economic development.

This was because immigrants brought technical and managerial skill that gave America social mobility. They contributed to its diversity in ethnicity, religion and racial. They co-existed and everyone did what he knew best for a living which led to economic development. Black people on the other hand experienced problems of racial and ethnicity discrimination which led to their slavery.

They were used as slaves to work in the industries which lead to economic development in the United States as they were used as a source of cheap labor. Black people formed civil rights movements for their liberation and in effort to stop racial discrimination. This proved to be successful with election of a Black-American president who emphasizes on equal treatment of all people.

English were the first settlers in the U.S and they contributed greatly to its institutions like common law, language, form of government and freedom of worship. During colonial period immigrants from different regions were welcome to contribute to the development of the country.

They had varied talents like entrepreneur skills and farming that contributed to the success of U.S economy. They relied on their own abilities to be able to survive and this led to development of the U.S entrepreneur characteristic. The demographic diversity in the U.S has made it difficult to identify its identity and culture. The region is used in the story to show a country that has tolerated people from different regions, racial, ethnicity and religion of which all of them contribute to the development of United States character.

Los Angeles is the second popular city in the United States after New York and it is the most popular city in California. It has a population of 17.8 million people and it is regarded as the most diverse metropolitan in the United States.

Its history started in 1781 when it was founded by the Spanish governor and became part of United States after its purchase during the Mexican war of independence. This city is greatly developed because it is a centre of world business and diversity in culture. It is a centre of international trade, technology, science and education which has led to economic development in the United States.

In the history of civilization, New York is one of the cities whereby most of its residents work in the industry of creativity such as music, arts, writers, filmmakers, dancers among other arts. Its economy is also driven by manufacturing industries. It is characterized by demographic, cultural, religion and ethnicity diversity.

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