ETPO’s effectively mirror the latest development in various

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ETPO’s exhibition at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, and in other parts of the country effectively mirror the latest development in various sectors of industry and cater to both export and import requirements.

Events which over the years have been developed and institutionalized include Interna­tional Shoe Fair, Shoe Camp, India International Trade Fair and Delhi Book Fair. About 36 events are to be organised by other organisers during the financial year 1998-99 in Pragati Maidan.

Important events among them are Petrotech, Water Asia, International garments Fair, 13th India Engineering Trade Fair/Microtech’99, India Handicrafts and Gifts Fair Spring ’99, and Carpet Fair ’99.

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During April to December, 1998, ITPO has organised participation in 32 fairs/exhibitions, abroad which include 13 general international fairs, 17 specialised commodity fairs and two exclusive Indian exhibitions in Egypt and Azerbaijan.

Out of 32 events, 10 have been organised in Europe, 7 in South East Asia, 7 in American countries and 8 in WANA region. The par­ticipants in these events have reported business booked to the tune of Rs 11,217.82 lakhs and business under negotiation amounting to Rs 1,03,693.79 lakhs.

ITPO, on behalf of the Government of India, organised India’s partici­pation at Expo’98, Lisbon (Portugal), May 22 to September 30, 1998.

During the period from April-December, 1998, two buyer-seller meets were organised in Japan, one for home furnishings and another for garments and fashion accessories which have resulted in export orders valued at US $6.28 million and enquiries of US $14.72 million.

A total of 3 Contact Promo­tion Programme (CPP) are scheduled during 1998-00, of which the CPP for home furnishings in Spain and Portugal has been implemented and other covering auto parts in Singapore, Philippines and Sri Lanka are being taken up in the first quarter of 1999.

During April-December, 1998, ITPO organised 4 product catalogue shows in Egypt, Azerbaijan, Iraq and Peru. During the year, ITPO has organised Product Promotion Programme (PPP) for leather products in US and Canada, home furnishings, carpet and floor coverings in Australia and New Zealand and for computer software and services in US and Canada.

Two market surveys on trade and investment opportunities are proposed to be conducted in the coming months in Peru and South Africa.

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