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Supplies made by foreign buyers of labels, price tags and like articles, to be attached to the goods against specific orders placed by them on Indian exporters, may be allowed clearance, provided the Customs Authorities are satisfied with the bonafides of the case.

Registered exporters of garments, knitwear’s and made-ups coming from abroad may be allowed to import labels as part of their baggage without any value restriction.

Supplies made by foreign buyers, of labels, price tags and trimming materials like buttons and belts to be attached to the goods against specific order placed by them on Indian exporters may be allowed clearance without a licence. This will also cover import of “hangers” supplied free of charge to be re-exported with the garments.

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Various countries have prescribed, under their laws, the requirements as regards labelling of products for sale and distribution in their countries. Generally, every country has prescribed that the label on the product must indicate the country of its origin.

Thus, for exporters from India, it is essential to ensure that each item carriers a label indicating ‘Made in India’. Besides, there may be certain other requirements as detailed below, for example:

In some cases the foreign buyers may though not insist on the attachment of the labels supplied by them, these labels may have to indicate the information required by the regulations of their trade/country.

For example, German Government has passed a law making compulsory that all textile articles containing 100% cotton should be marked as “100% Baumolle”.

Certain items manufactured in India for Japanese market must bear labels. In Canada, each package must carry a label, printed in both English and French. The label should contain the following information:

a. Name and address of Exporter and Importer

b. Product name and its type

c. Country of Origin

d. Specifications of the products (size, weight etc.)

e. Lot no. of consignment

The textile products under regulation by category includes-knitted fabrics, pants, skirts, sweaters, shirts, raincoats, neckties and table clothes. Exporters must, therefore, take care of all labelling requirements of their overseas buyers which should be ascertained from them.

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