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An individual employee gets an opportunity to modify his performance and merit. The management has to provide opportunities which enrich jobs.

Employees should feel the enrichment of their jobs. Enrichment should become a motivator as pointed out by Herzberg.

Job enrichment is the performance pattern designed to provide opportunities for achievement, advancement, recognition, power, responsibilities and growth potential.

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Job enrichment increases the variety of work content and raises level of knowledge, provides more autonomy and responsibility and expands opportunities for personal growth.

For example, an employee is confined to a few jobs wherein he is given more power and authority to perform effectively. Thus quality is the main objective of job enrichment.

Job enrichment increases employees’ satisfaction, quality production and control mechanism. The purpose of job enrichment is to make employees responsive to the enrichment programme.

Since enrichment is viewed differently by different employees, all employees may not be wholly responsive to the programme.

The gain theory to the employees will be an effective factor of job enrichment. If job enrichment is helping cost reduction, and the employees are given benefits in the form of profit sharing, employees are motivated by such job enrichment.

The enrichment encourages self-actualization, growth and provides job satisfaction to employees. Intrinsic motivation is increased to arrive at higher performance and more productive human resources.

Negative effects, such as absenteeism, less turnover and grievances, are reduced by enrichment.

An organization is benefitted consequently, which is observed in the form of cost saving and quality output.

Society is benefitted because of cheap, quality products and increased employment opportunities.

Job enrichment seeks to add depth to the job by giving more work opportunities, advanced techniques, responsibilities, discretion and power.

It satisfies the higher order of needs, viz. social and self-actualization needs. Job enrichment is further discussed from the angles of the Herzberg theory.

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