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Common sense realism – Scientific realism – Phenomenalism The movie Matrix has made us ask ourselves whether or not we are living in the matrix and that we are just fuel for computers. We do not know the answer to this and it may be possible that we will never find out. However, what the movie has showed us is the difference between the three realism.

In the matrix, people live in a dream world. We live in the same world as seen in the matrix, but the question is whether our world is actually the matrix or the real world. Our common sense with the help of senses tells us that we live in a real world. Common sense is what’s keeping our brains inside the box of the question. Common sense denies the idea of the matrix even though we know it may be possible. For example, when we leave a room, how do we know if the room is still there? How do we know if the room just disappeared and that it is just all imagination? We grow up in a world we are used to and therefore we are forced to believe that it is real. This is common sense realism and it keeps us inside the box.

Common sense realism is linked with phenomenalism. The five senses allow us to interact with the world and common sense tells us that it must be real if we can see it, feel it, smell it, hear it, or taste it. Science experiments and optical illusions have proven that we can be easily fooled by our senses unconsciously. Many experiments have been carried out to show that when we focus on one thing, we can very easily miss out things. We grow up with these senses and we are very used to it and the way we interact with the environment around us. Common sense tells us that this is real and therefore we rarely question our senses. What can be felt, seen, smelt, heard, and tasted must be real because common sense tells us that it is there.

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Scientific realism is the explanation of the environment around us. Science is all about facts and theories we have discovered or thought about. But until proven, most people will not approve of it. Science tells us what will happen when something reacts with something, and so forth. This leads us to believe it because we have seen proof of it and it is the only explanation we have about the environment around us. This is the problem with scientific realism, it limits our perception. Therefore, we may be going in circles by the facts and theories of science and never find out the answer about whether or not we are living in a world like the matrix.

So in conclusion, common sense realism tells us what we want to believe and keeps our brains in a box. Phnomenalism is the way we interact with the world to make us believe it exists. Scientific realism explains how the environment around us works and so combined with phnomenalism and common sense, it makes the world we live in seem so real. This is the question we all ask. Is the world we live in real?

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