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really that harmful for a country with 1.2 billion people? Is globalization responsible for it? Is the demand and supply factor responsible for their migration? Are the young ones, who migrate, not helping to create a bridge between India and the world, by integrating and understanding other cultures and ways of working? Are we not just too over crowded in the skill market and is it not easier and better to go abroad and leverage another country’s educational and economic infrastructure to our benefit? We also need to ask ourselves whether we really need these materialistic people who believe that other countries have more to offer and are better than their own or should we applaud their courage and Endeavour and accept that we live in an interconnected global world? Our enterprising youth is at times being blamed for the failures of the Government also why we can not look at the positive side of the phenomenon, If we think about the positive side, brain drain is not just about losing talented people it could also be about aspirations about attitudes and pride in one’s country. It could also be the desire in the youth to change their country] against all odds. Though all this may be true in some cases, we have to accept that Brain Drain can effect the growth and development of our own country adversely, if not checked.

It can become a major problem in some sectors because it creates a dip in the supply of manpower required for making India a global power. And we need to look for solutions which in my opinion only lie in providing the right environment in the country for entrepreneurship to flourish so that India becomes economically and socially strong. Everyone has to chip in, families, schools, governments and colleges. And better still, we need to entice the ones, who have left, to come back to enrich us with their lessons and adventures.

Thus, I believe that the trend is reversible but all depends on government policies and the political will of leaders. Though, Brain Drain does affect a country adversely, we need to seriously think about why these young ones choose to settle abroad. We need to give the right atmosphere to our genius and brilliant students to grow and flourish in their own country. We also need to create more and more skilled citizens and bright minds so that India does not feel the pinch of brain drain.

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Along with this, we must not hesitate to accept that some bright people will migrate but they will also bring glory to their country with their achievements and accomplishments.

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