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If one were to look up the definition of the word revolution in a dictionary, they would simply find that it is simply a change, or overthrow of a government/situation. However, even though the concept of a revolution may sound easy, it requires a long process. The idea of revolution is thinkable by almost any person of almost any understanding age. Contrary to this, the actual planning and going about a revolution is usually done by highly educated individual(s) or people who have sufficient knowledge on the topic. Another factor that is required in starting a revolution is a valid reason, with proof or cause. For example, a person can not start a revolution just by stating that he/she doesn't like someone without a justified valid reason. Contrary to that, they can start a revolution if they hated someone for ruling them unfairly or not complying with certain rules that are set forth. Usually when a revolution is started, there are the causes (conflict or need for change), the pros, and the cons.
A revolution is started when the people who are revolting or seeking a momentous change, are dissatisfied in one aspect or another. The people who help start the revolution are the most prominent educated men or women. They help set the foundation of their revolution, and help develop an argument to support their need to revolt or change. An example of this would be how the foundation of the French Revolution was laid. First of all, the founders of the revolution derived their ideas from the American Revolution and used it as one of the causes of their revolution. Its causes ranged from the American Revolution, the economic crisis in France, social injustices to the immediate causes like the fall of Bastille, the Convening of the Estate-General, and the Great Fear. In this revolution, the French society was divided amongst itself, and that was one of the factors that made this resolution very hard to resolve. Another main aspect of ma…

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