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What I like about engineering is that there is always a challenge to overcome or a problem to solve. Engineering has always been a passion of mine and this is why I would like to study it at university. I have always been curious in how things work and how the fundamental principles that engineers use to solve real world problems is used. Mathematics, biology and chemistry have been my favourite subjects and as such have led me to decide that engineering is something that I wish to pursue.  When it comes to engineering, I feel that I have the skills required to begin to develop to help start a career in engineering; skills such as teamwork, leadership and communication. I had to use these skills when I did the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award, where during the expedition I was leading the group and clear communication was crucial. Also, playing basketball after college has also helped me work in a team and given me the confidence to undertake more leadership roles. In my spare time, I like to carry out work on my car. An example of this was when I replaced my power steering pump. From this experience I learnt the importance of planning ahead in order to avoid any unforeseen problems. Outside of the classroom I also enjoy mountain biking which also involves a lot of maintenance on my bike and this has interested me on how they work. This then led me to research the future developments in the biking industry to make bikes faster and lighter, while maintaining strength. For example using carbon fibre instead to aluminium.  Last year I took part in NCS and I worked with my team to set up a campaign to raise awareness for dementia and create a sensory garden for a care home that specialises with dementia patients. In this we had to come up with ideas on how we raise awareness, how we would use our budget and make a sales pitch to get the required funding from the local community. This task required out team of eight to split up into smaller groups in order to break down the overall goal into smaller tasks in order to finish what we set out to do on time. My job was to decide how our budget should be spent on things, such as gardening tools and flowers. Our campaign was successful because we managed our time well and therefore created a successful sales pitch to get the required funding to create the sensory garden. This is why I would like to study engineering at university because I believe that I have the interest, academic ability and personal attributes that are well adjusted to studying engineering and eventually lead on to a career in engineering.        

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