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What is a hero? A hero is someone who acts selflessly for others, someone who puts others before himself. Someone who doesn’t fool others for his personal means.

Andrew carnegie was a boy born in cottage in dunfermline,Scotland stated in document A.After that he moved to america in 1848 where the family needed $7.50 a week to make the ends meet. You people tend to think Andrew carnegie is a hero because of where he came from, the things he had to go through,how he became something of himself.All this is not showing he’s a hero,  but an example of how you can be anything you no matter how poor or how much money you have, that you have the power to change who you are to be better.Although we cannot ignore the good things he has done,but it does not mean he’s a hero.So is andrew carnegie a hero?Andrew carnegie was not a hero because he really didn’t do anything that labels as being a hero.

You see, to me he was just a regular business man trying to make a living for himself. Although Andrew Carnegie was a really successful, he did not get there by being nice and and being fair with others. In document D, is said in March, 1889, a new steel company called Allegheny Bessemer Steel. This company created technology advanced mill that made better and cheaper steel. Of Course carnegie did not like this so he used his power in the industry to bad mouth the company to a point where the company could not handle the pressure and was forced to run out business, at the same time andrew carnegie bought the company and to the companies advanced mill and said that he made it better, when it already was.

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  In addition,  people had argued that because of him, he has made steel prices go down so that every buyer can buy it for less than any other steel production company. Although this true, he also created this monopoly where no other steel company can compete with him. In document  its shows a graph how over the years steel prices have gone down, and can see that at lowest point is where carnagie price is for production cost. Which is crazy because it shows is not a hero,he just a smart businessman. Furthermore, he has employees poorly. For example, people who worked for Andrew made $2.50, all while carnegie made more than thousands a day.

The employees were so outraged by this that they acted by striking on July 1, as stated in document J. Of Course they lost and carnegie still got what he wanted.  Though he did some shady things his life, he also good things. For example he made libraries for those can the opportunity like he did when he was a teenager. He is also very appreciated for generous gifts of music and educational grants.

Furthermore, by the time of his death he gave over $350 million away for charity, which was huge. So he was a good man, but not a hero. Andrew carnegie had this mentality and code if you will, a quote.

”The man who dies rich, dies a disgrace”. So he felt that if he died with all this money, he would be the disgraced. So he gave it all away. I’ve seen videos of people saying because of Andrews contribution to making these libraries, these libraries were the first books they ever read in there, and feel because of Andrew, them being able to read is because of Andrew.

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