What essay is to defend this view, and

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What we can learn from the literature is always the question of students
when they are studying for this module. The debate about whether it can tell us
the truth of the life, or it is just a piece of the entertainment continues. In
fact, literature definitely has its added value that can teach show the right
directions for people. The aim of this essay is to defend this view, and it
will begin by analysing the Frankenstein,
what it happened, and what we can learn from this novel. The second part is
concerned with the impact of Dr Faustus. The
last part is about

In Frankenstein
we already know that Victor’s father has told him do not believe the
superstitions, but this is a negative education for him. Then, he grows up without
clear childhood education, and the first experience of his significant reading
is likely to be the book by Cornelius Agrippa, an alchemist and magician in
medieval. When he talks about it with his father, he only gets a description as
‘sad trash’ but without other explanations. However, Victor, a classical
rebellious teenager tries his best to read all source that he can find by Agrippa
and some ancient and medieval pseudo-philosophers (Evan,2014). When he is in the university, he
is inclined to do science instead of the art, but the science he studies is called
‘junk science’ in nowadays, which is lack of moral compass to lead the studies.
Evan (2014) analyses it is complex of the motivation for Victor to create the Creature.
(He is a conceited man. He wants his dead mother back. He has low social
ability, so he wants a friend.) Thus, no doubt about his terrible Creature is the
result of his wild ambition and less morality education. For example, he uses
the huge parts in his Creature to make it more quickly to finish, without thinking
whether it can adapt the life of human. As a contrasted with Victor’s mistakes,
the Creature is ugly but kind-hearted and has the passion of the world at first,
although it grows up in harsh conditions.

To review
this novel, it seems that Victor is an abandoning parent, and the Creature is
an excellent child. It might be a metaphor to satirize the parents who abandon
their child in a period, and tries to awaken people’s responsibility. In another
point, it is bitter irony that the Creature has read Milton’s Paradise Lost and Plutarch’s Lives, but its father Victor, a man who
has never learned about the correctly ethical education. The role of him is
representative “intelligence without depth, morality without feeling, and
ambition without foresight” (Dorothy,2017)

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