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What is the American dream? The American dream is the idea that every American has an equal opportunity to achieve success through hard work and education. Although the American dream may have been achievable in the 20s for many people, now the world has changed and is unachievable. Back in the 20s,  families could live off one person’s earnings. One parent would stay home with the kids while the other worked, this is not the case anymore. Families nowadays are struggling to make ends meet. The median household income is $59,000. Both parents work to maintain a stable household. Since both parents work they would need to find a babysitter or a daycare to take care of their kids. When they did find a daycare, because it is very tough to find a daycare that is in your price range, they would still need to find money to be able to pay for the babysitter. Elizabeth Warren and Amelia Warren Tyagi wrote in The Two-Income Trap: “families money go to things such as education, home costs, and transportation.” Almost all Americans money go toward home costs. They waste money on electricity, food, etc. If most of their money goes to their home there is no way they will achieve the American dream, because they won’t have any money left over. Since we were kids we’ve been told that with hard work adults can pull their families out of poverty. One of the key elements in achieving the American dream. Many people who suffer financially can’t achieve anything especially not the American dream.  About 1.6 billion people are homeless due to financial problems. They can never achieve the American dream unless they find a job and get back on their feet. Due to financial problems retirement is no longer available for everyone. That is unless you are rich. If you do not have retirement money then you won’t be able to stop working until you have the money or you die. One of the cornerstones of the American dream has to due with retiring. When you retire, you can use the money from retirement to travel or buy things you always wanted. Having fun is something you can’t do if you can’t obtain the American dream.Household income has fallen. Due to this, families are struggling to pay bills and reach the American dream. Middle class wages hasn’t risen in 15 years. “In 2013, according to Goldman Sachs, corporate profits rose five times faster than wages” (Thomas Edsall). “Not only has the wealth of the very rich doubled, but corporate revenues are at record levels” (Thomas Edsall). Many believe that they don’t or won’t accomplish the American dream because education can be expensive. They also say that if education after high school wasn’t expensive they would finish their education. Education was free or reasonable in the 1800s and 1900s. Education is said to help achieve the American dream but if that were the case then almost everyone with an education would feel as though they have achieved the American dream.Deborah Wadsworth, president of Public Agenda, said that giving people higher education is important and will help obtain the American dream. She also said that it would be more expensive. Public Agenda also said that education is very important if anyone wants to obtain the American dream. This is not the case because no one has achieved the American dream. Parents feel that if tuition was priced lower than students wouldn’t drop out. They may also be able to achieve the American dream. Parents feel that teachers should get students more ready for college so they don’t drop out. They also want college tuition to go down but it won’t. It won’t go down because the government gets the money that we pay for tuition, classes, books, room and board. We have a “debt-dependent economy”. This has a negative meaning for the whole nation, this makes families suffer a lot. We depend on debt because we are just so used to it. Many believe that to accomplish the American dream you need debt because we are used to it. The National Debt Relief said that debt is necessary to achieve the American dream. For example, to buy a house you most likely need to get a mortgage and mortgages can get you in debt. Americans fall into debt mostly due to overspending. They get multiple credit cards reach the limit and then can’t pay it back. Then they have this huge amount of debt that they do not know how they will pay.

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