hen she will likely drop out of school, become an unemployed mother, and need some type of public support. These circumstances can foster a cycle of poverty and dependence that is very difficult to break.

Residents develope programs intended to prevent those circumstances by allowing pregnate teens and young mothers to continue their education. The system allows students to have easy access to primary health care providers. But how does this relate to teachers? It helps thim in several ways. First many students visit the clinic with non-specific symptoms. The clinic’s staff has the opportunity to inquire about possible psychosocial stressors that may relate to the student’s complaints. In this way, the clinic’s staff members are able to help the students by identifying deeper interpersonal or ontrapersonal problems that otherwise might be overlooked. Teachers can also refer students to the clinic if they suspect the student is having any difficult.

Although the school based clinics vary in staffing, facilities, and funding, and types of services offered, typically a clinic employs a nurse-practitioner, a medical assistant, and a social worker.
With over one million teenage girls—one in ten—becoming pregnate every year. Four out of ten teenagers will become pregnat before the age of twenty. At least 82 percent of teen pregnancies are unintended. One out of four adolecents does not use and effective means of contraception. Schools need health clinics and nurseries for these girls. For the school system–maybe they need to consider better education to the American Student. The student needs to better educated his or herself to the fact that yes you can get pregnate the first time you have sex, you need to be aware of STD’s–without “safe” sex you can get any STD!Be smart and be safe! Unintended pregnancy not only affects the future mother but also the child.

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