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How much do we as a people know about electing a candidate for an official
office?I have wondered about this so I thought I would look and see just how much
information is out there to be discovered.As I soon discovered, the information is out
there, you just need to know how to get it and analyze it. The hard part is trying to
make sense out of chaos.I did not know much about Article II Section 1 of the U.S.
Constitution, and after reading it, I had to do some serious thinking about how we elect
I often thought about our election system and thought it was really the best way
to elect a President, now I am not so sure.We, the people, do not elect the President
of the United States.If the President was elected by popular vote Bill Clinton would
never have made it to the White House, either time.It really does not matter whom the
American People want for their President, because more than likely it will not be their
choosen candidate.So far the information I have found has confused me, as I am sure
Most of what we know about a candidate is what we hear on the news, by word of
mouth, on television, and on the radio.Can we believe what we hear about a
candidate or should we make him or her prove themselves to us by deeds instead of
words?When the candidates have a debate there are always the newsmen telling us
what we heard was not what the candidate said, so who do you believe?Do we vote
for the good-looking candidate or do we vote for the one who has our best interests at
heart?Is the news media bias in their opinions about these candidates?Do they give
a slanted view, according to their way of thinking?
James Wilson was responsible for the introduction of the Electoral College into
the Constitutional Convention in 1787.According to what I have read about t…

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