(iii) Recycling: From the waste stream; paper/

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(iii) Bad odours pollute the air as a result of decomposition of organic solid wastes.

(iv) Percolation of decomposed garbage causes pollution of underground water and land. The crops and water supply gets contaminated and result in cholera, hepatitis, jaundice, gastro-intestinal diseases.

(v) Rats living in solid waste dumping sites rapidly multiply in numbers and may cause plague and other diseases.

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Important Solid Waste management Practices

(i) Source Reduction:

It involves changing the design, manufacture, or use of products and materials to reduce the amounts of solid waste generation. Examples: Two-sided copying of paper, backyard composting, etc.

(ii) Recycling:

From the waste stream; paper/ glass/plastic/metal etc. are sorted, collected, processed and then manufactured, sold and purchased as new products. Advantages: Energy saving, prevention of emission of many greenhouses gases/water pollutants, job creation, resource conservation for future and reduced need of new land fills and incinerators.

(iii) Treatment

Suitable treatment is given depending on the nature of solid wastes.

(iv) Disposal:

Solid wastes can be disposed in combustion facilities and land fills. The most preferred method for solid waste management is source reduction (including reuse). It is followed by recycling and composting. Lastly, disposal of solid waste is done.

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