(3) the Government, management, non-teaching staff and others

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(3) Sometimes, a combination of previous two types of teachers’ organizations also exists such as organization of secondary teachers teaching Hindi. (4) A combined organization of subject teachers teaching at different levels. (5) A federation of different organizations of teachers teaching at the same level, e.g. All India Federation of University and college teachers’ Union. The objectives of teachers’ organization are as follows: (a) To present teachers’ professional demands to the Government and to make attempts to get them fulfilled, e.g.

pay-scales, work-load, etc. (b) To make attempts to enhance the quality of teachers as professionals by organizing workshops, seminars, conferences, exhibitions and bringing out publications. (c) To advise Government concerning syllabi, textbooks and so on. (d) To bring about unity and co-operation among teachers. (e) To solve professional and academic problems of teachers. (f) To establish and maintain good communication and relations with the Government, management, non-teaching staff and others concerned with education. (g) To provide support to other organizations (such as non-teaching staff’s organization).

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