What values means is it what a person
considers most important to them whether it be status, money, family, etc. It
helps a person navigate what is important and with values it molds people on
how they work and live. By having values, it aids a person to measure their
life to see if it is turning out the way they want it to or they have to change
something. Values are help a person grow into who they want to be, so they do
not have any boundaries or restrictions to hold a person back.

My biggest value is my friendships
that I have acquired over the years. My friends are my world, without them I
would not be the person I would be today. Friendship gives everyone an
opportunity to have a full experience of life. Without out my friends I would
be sitting home alone watching tv or reading, and I would not be as social as I
am today. Friendship is important to me because my friends have helped me
mature (even if we can be quite immature at times), learn to love people other
than my family (my friends have become my family) and helped me learn that
sometimes you have to risk everything and take a chance on people.

The Franciscan Value that stands
out as important to me is “Reverence for creation”. Having reverence in
creation means that by looking at the sky, stars, oceans, animals, plants, flowers,
and basically all nature around us you know that our Heavenly Father loves us unconditionally.
I feel that have people have an appreciation for creation but not reverence. The
way people treat nature is  an extension on
how they treat people around them. People take nature for granted, they use it as
tools for their own financial and pleasure benefits which can lead to people
using other people and taking them for granted.

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Racism is what I am most concerned
about. It is 2018 and we still have to worry about racism. People are judging
people based on what their skin looks and what they look like. Racism makes me
think that sometimes that we should have all been created to look exactly alike
and then we would not have this issue but then again if we all looked alike, no
one would be unique in their own sense, it would get boring looking at the same
face over and over again and even with the racism issue gone, people would
still find issue to complain about .

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