Someone once said success has a price,

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Someone once said success has a price, while prosperity has a value.
When comparing this statement with the benefits and pitfalls of Western
expansionism, it is easy to conclude that in many cases the price that was
stipulated by overpowering Western expansionism was indeed too high for the
innocent.In many cases, those who were the target of Western expansionism
were forced to accept, by the ruling and ruthless hand that forced it upon
them, a Western imperialism which was never desired or requests. When
looking at benefits and negatives of the prosperity of Western
expansionism, it is fair to say that expansionism’s value for European
nations, in all probability, did not fairly equate to the inflated price
that the innocent were forced to pay.
It is not my intention in this paper to solely express only one side
of Western expansionism, although I do believe that history has given us
numerous examples of the pitfalls of Western Expansionism.These include
the slaughter of the Aztecs that occurred when the Spaniards feared the
growing Aztec resistance.The Spanish expeditions under the command of
Hernan Cortez massacred many Aztecs at Cholula and pillaged the city, a
taste for blood and expansionism that was mirrored by the Spanish genocide
that occurred with attacks on the native population of Cuba.
It is also possible that Western expansionism brought some real
benefits to those people who were the targets of Western expansionism.In
many cases, it can be argued that Western expansionism offered new economic
opportunities and cultural diffusion. With expansionism, Europe brought
technologies and medicines that could benefit the inhabitants of many
countries.Today, countries like the United States and Canada are clear
examples of countries that have high standards of living that may be
attributed to the expansionist tendencies of Britain, France, and Spain.

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