Nationalism-a together and get rid of the

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Nationalism-a deep devotion to ones country shared a group of people with the same beliefs, such as
language, religion, traditions, and political philosophy.
1st paragraph what it is and how it has effected countries in Europe.

2nd how it has shaped Germany, Italy, Greece, and Hungry
3rd fall of Ottoman Empire (why the Ottoman Empire was called the sick man)
4th Austrian Empire
5th good and bad forces (what did I learn)
Nationalism is a deep devotion to your country. It has been used by Leaders to bring people
together to overthrow governments. It started after the French revolution. It spread through Europe and
beyond It has made and changed national boundaries. Nationalism changed the Ottoman, Austrian and
Russian empires. Peoples from these Eastern European empires learned of western nationalism. It
encouraged them to take pride in their heritage and to seek independence.

Nationalism was used to unite the German states. Unification came about the effort through Otto
Von Bismarck. As Prime Minister of Prussia he united the 25 German states and weakened Austria’s
influence. He helped shape what later became modern Germany. Italy was dominated by foreign rule until
Italian leaders used nationalism to bring their people together and get rid of the foreign powers. Greece
was part of the Ottoman Empire until it gained it independence when the empire started losing its control
over its territories. Hungry broke away from the Austrian Empire after the unification of Italy and Germany
weakened the Austrian Empire.

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The Ottoman Empire was losing control of its territories and became known as the sick man of
Europe. It was called the sick man of Europe because of its fading powers and the fact that it was an easy
target for its neighbors. Egypt and Greece won its independence Serbia gained self-rule. The Slavic people
of the Balkans Revolted. Nationalism ultimately broke up the Ottoman Empire.
Austria lost two wars and gave up control of two territories. Nationalism chipped away at Austrian
power. After Austria’s defeat by Prussia it became a dual monarchy of Austria-Hungary. Serbia encouraged
nationalistic movement of the Bosnians, Croats, and Slovenes, which brought the Austrian Empire down.

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