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During the 1930's, the Nazis were in power.They seemed to be in total control of the population, but was this actually the case?This essay will show you that although there seemed to be no chinks in the Nazi armour, there were actually a few loopholes that escaped Hitler's grasp, such as rebel teenage groups, unhappy women and children who ignored Hitler's autobiography, even though it was compulsory reading.It will also show how the Nazis dealt with these rebel teenage groups, and women who did not conform to the Nazi ideals of an Aryan child bearer and housewife.It will also include quotes from people at the time, providing more evidence that the Nazis were not as powerful as everyone seemed to think.
So where did the Nazis succeed in controlling the lives of women and young people?
First, this essay will look at how the lives of women changed during this time.
Before 1933, many women had successful careers in the world of work.Some, however, did choose to stay at home and have children.It was mainly working women that Hitler saw as a problem.Although the Nazis said they believed in equality between the sexes, it was more obvious that they saw women as child bearers and men as the workers and soldiers.Women were encouraged to leave work and become mothers and housewives with interest-free loans and extra benefits.For example, loans were given to newly wed couples completely interest-free if both parties agreed that the woman would not go back to work.
Many women agreed with this policy and readily agreed to give up their jobs in order to embrace a life in the home.However, some women were forced to give up their jobs against their will as careers in education, politics and the law systems were banned to German women.Women who did stay in work were forced to take low-paid jobs.Awards were also given to women who bore many children "for the Führer".On 12th August every…

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