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The following changes in European and English society produced a landless
class. Primogeniture, caused children other than the oldest son to be left without
land, money, or any inheritance whatsoever. The enclosure movement closed off all
pastureland, reducing the amount of farmland. And the agricultural inventions reduced
the need for laborors. Population was growing rapidly, and the political balance shifted
by 1775 the ratio of colonist to englishmen was 3:1. Englands saluatary neglect toward
the colonies, furthered the colonist dislike for them.England began to impose
absurd taxes. The Sugar act, an act granting certain duties in the British colonies and
plantations in America. The Quartering Act, colonist were required to provide soldiers
with living quarters. Stamp Act, required the use of stamped paper for legal documents,
diplomas etc. The reason taxes were so looked down upon was because the funds
went solely to the British government.Meanwhile The Sons of Liberty were working
sercretly to oppose these taxes and later Parlimentary revenue programs. The
Intollerable Acts were acts that limited the citizens basic rights as Englishmen and
violated English BIll of Rights. The Prohibitory Acts were designed to strike at the
economic viability of the colonies and stated that they were staging a rebellion
against English authority, also that they had raised an army and had illegally
taken over the powers of government, finally that they had stopped trade with
the mother country. Colonist were not allowed to print money.Merchantilism
was also a disadvantage. Economic initiative was stifiled and colonies were restricted.
English merchants gouged tobacco growers putting them in constant debt. English
felt the colonies should help pay for their own defense. Leaders from rivalry colonies
came togetherto step toward intercolonial unity.

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