“Science CCNY in 1953. This definition comes

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"Science Fiction in Late Victorian England:
The Wellsian Influence on Science and Technology"
Intro: Science fiction as a genre was not referred to as such until 1926 and the publication of the magazine Amazing Taleseven though the format dates back to Lucian the Greek historian and author. The works of the formative period of "Scientific Fiction" can be broken down into major camps.The most notable of these being the Utopian idealist who follow in the path of Moore; the Possible Futures, who contemplate the possibilities for scientific advances beyond the present scope; the Effects of Science, writing about contemporary science and its possibilities.Marc Agenot lays out a premise for the science fiction of Verne and Wells, who would be in the futures category, as "fiction about science in its global, historical effect, not in its scattering in specific discoveries."
Science Fiction has a reactionary and still developing definition, as science changes the fiction that comes out of it evolves.Some of the most compelling definitions of Science Fiction from Sam Moskowitz, Edmund Crispin and Kingsley Amis who each offer unique perspectives on the subject.The First definition is from Sam Moskowitz who is acknowledged as the premier Science Fiction historian by both fans and scholars.Moskowitz also taught one of thefirst Science Fiction College courses at CCNY in 1953. This definition comes from his book Seekers of Tomorrow (1966)
“Science Fiction is a branch of fantasy identifiable by the fact that it eases the `willing suspension of disbelief on the part of its readers by utilizing an atmosphere of scientific credibility for its imaginative speculations in physical science, space, time, social science, and philosophy.”
The second definition comes from Edmund Crispin who was an editor of a series of collected works type books of Fantasy and Science Fiction stories released in the mi…

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