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Wednesday the 23, Trump’s long promised “fake news” awards was released on twitter and a malfunctioning GOP website. Donald Trump has been known for his quirky responses and devastating insults. This “fake news” awards was just another one of Trump’s playful insults. When the GOP website was back online millions clicked on the article. First it was released into the public with the title “The Highly anticipated 2017 Fake News Awards” On the website it continued to show false claims that news channels have made about Donald Trump’s presidency. In the list they have included CNN, The New York Times, ABC News, TIME, Washington Post, and Newsweek. Each article has a mention in the list posted, CNN coming in first with 4 mentions of false news reports, New York Times coming in 2nd with 2 mentions, ABC,TIME, Washington post, and Newsweek came in last with one mention apiece. Donald Trump and the GOP  has decided that the following news reports from CNN were false: CNN reported that both Donald Trump and his son had access to hacked documents from WIKILeaks which was false. Next The GOP has claimed that CNN showing a video of Trump overfeeding koi fish in front of the Japanese Prime minister, is false and said the video was edited to make it seem as such. CNN falsely reported that a financial entrepreneur named Anthony Scaramucci had a meeting with russians. Finally CNN falsely reported that former FBI director James Comey disagrees on trump’s claim that he is not under investigation. After CNN the runner up is New York times with two mentions of falsely reported news. The first was the New york Times stating that trump would crash the economy creating an all time low. Next they claimed that New York times falsely said that Trump and the GOP were not releasing a climate report. After New York times it is TIME with one mention, saying that they falsely reported that Trump removed a statue of Martin Luther King from the oval office. Next is Washington Post which falsely released pictures of a empty rally for Trump, however it was quite the opposite as the stadium was actually packed full of people who support Trump. Newsweek was next on the list, the GOP said that Newsweek falsely reported that the Polish first lady did not shake Trump’s hand. Finally, ABC’s mention was actually a consequence of a false report because of ABC’s non specified false report it sent the market in a massive downward spiral. Donald Trump is unpredictable and slightly unprofessional in the way he governs, but this list was meant to just be another one of Trump’s witty responses to news. The listed “Fake News” reports on this article are not meant to offend or insult there news companies.

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