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The Revolutionary War and the Civil War may seem very different atfirst
glance due to their differences in time.But actually they were very similar in
many ways.One way in which they were so similar is in the weapons they used.
Many of the weapons used in the Civil War were either the same or based off of
the weapons from the American Revolution.
One very important similarity is the use of black gun powder.Black gun
powder was the primary source offiring power in both the American Revolution
and also the Civil war.It was used to fire all of the artillery and all ofthe calvery.
But a very big problem with black gun powder was that it fouled very fast.This
was a major issue because it mentthat they could not hold on to it for very long or
it would go bad.So they would have to be prepared for those long trips and
battles.Black gun powder was also very messy and would get all over the soldiers
and there equipment.This kept it very hard for them to stay clean and also
sanitary which brought on a lot of disease.Black gun powder played a major role
in both wars.The use of black gun powder made the weapons used very similar.
Cannons and Howitzers (shorter- barreled cannons with a chamber) were
very important weapons in both wars.Cannons were very important to the armies
because of there ability to shoot long distances.This made it possible for the
armies to have less hand to hand combat.Cannons from both wars were also made
from the same materials.Iron andbronze were the most common materials used.
Even though cannons were very important in the wars they were also very scarce.
The cannons were very heavy and took many horses to move them from battle to
battle.This would slow down the troops.So they did not have many cannons if
any at all. Howitzers were used mainly by the navy because of there short barrels
and chamber at the base of the gun.Th…

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