We characterized four regions of concern or perspectives by which the distinctive periods of the life-cycle ought to be investigated: item, process, individuals and alteration administration. 1. Product. This measurement concentrates on viewpoints identified with the specific ERP item in thought, for example, usefulness, and on related specialized angles, for example, equipment and base programming needs. An exhaustive comprehension of the item instrument’s capacities must exist keeping in mind the end goal to make an arrangement with the business technique to decide if the item is being utilized viably, as per the requests of the organization, and how it can best be connected to assist the objectives of the association. 2. Process. Every association has its own particular center abilities and usefulness that must be bolstered by an ERP framework. Additionally, an ERP framework must help the basic leadership wanted to deal with the assets and parts of the association. More often than not, the principle ERP speculation interest is on re-designing procedures to empower the association to adjust to the new plans of action and utilitarian require congress of the ERP framework taking in mind the end goal to fulfill better execution. 3. People. This measurement alludes to the HR and their aptitudes and parts in an ERP framework life-cycle. These attitudes and parts must be produced to limit the effect of the presentation and dissemination of an ERP framework, with a specific end goal to lessen hazard and oversee multifaceted nature, while encouraging authoritative change. Managing possibilities, evolving practices, and adjusting to another hierarchical structure and culture are a few angles that must be scholarly. 4. Alteration administration. This measurement alludes to the group of information that is utilized to guarantee that a mind-boggling change, similar to that related with a major framework, gets the correct outcomes, in the privilege time span, at the correct costs Holland and Davis, 1998. The alteration administration approach tries to guarantee the acknowledgment and elaboration of the new framework, enabling the association to get the advantages of its utilization.

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