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We are in the world where huge amount of misinformation online is prevalent. This makes the small story worse because of the false headlines and articles that the people read. If fake news will continue to grow,  people will be fooled by the unverified posts and information that is spreading online.

Fake news is not a new phenomenon. Many netizens in the country are often victimized by the false information in social media. Fake news is not only spread from social media feeds. It can also be seen in some newspapers and websites. Skewed information can be dangerous to us for it can manipulate a person’s thinking on the topic and it may justify or encourage violence.

Fake news is also similar to “clickbait” headlines which is intentionally misleading. There are some news agencies that have fallen victim to hoax websites that are imitating their name and logo. While some are imitating the format of news stories to make it look believable. With the amount of news available on social media sites, it becomes difficult to identify which information is accurate or fake.

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A bill that penalizing the malicious distribution of false news is now filed in Senate. Numerous fake social media accounts have sprouted and spread bogus news online.  According to the bill, any person who would be proven guilty of spreading fake news would face a fine ranging from P100,000 to P5 million and imprisonment from one to five years.

Differentiating fake news from accurate news is not as simple as we would like to believe it is. As Bayan Muna Partylist Rep. Carlos Isagani Zarate said “The best way to counter fake news is for the people to be well informed of accurate facts.” We need to develop our understanding in reading or watching news and sharing it by verifying its credibility.  Doing so will be the beginning to guarantee that we consume real news stories instead of manipulated by fake news. 

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