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                    We will discuss about who
are loser and winner for this project in three stage which before, during and
after the construction of the dam. Society is loser for this project in stage
before the construction of the dam because they have moving from their place of
residence to pave the way for dam construction. The construction of the dam cause
displacement for a large number of people, especially often indigenous people
who don’t have a power and just have a little voice in the political arena.. For
example, the Bakun dam, resulted is displacement more than 10,000 indigenous
people from their land, mostly from Kayan and Kenyah ethic groups (Lee, 2014). The
resettlement often cause hardship after resettlement, especially for the indigenous
people being displacement. Because for the indigenous, staying place is
important because of spiritual things and their belief.

                     In other hand, Bakun dam
is actually covering the Native Customary Land, about 1.5 million hectare,
which is 51% of the land is covered by the dam project. It’s a form of stealing
people land, and used it’s for others profits. This displacement also make many
of them having difficulty and failed to find good or permanent jobs or unable
to continue their agriculture or hunting activites as prior to their
resettlement (Then, 2009). Based on Teh (2015), indigenous people face difficulty
to find a job, not because their laziness but because of culture and values
their hold on. As for indigenous, they more familiar with job related with
nature such hunting and agriculture. The job opportunities offered by Bakun dam
is not really suitable for indigenous people in that area. The unsuitable job
causes many indigenous youths to go to the city to find the right job and give
them a reasonable salary. This is one of the reasons why the Bakun dam
population in Sungai Asap resettlement, decreases rapidly (Teh, 2015).

to Ritchie (2005) the Bakun dam project was built at Balui river in Sarawak. Balui
river has a wide range of interests to indigenous people which is a place where
indigenous people get food sources, main transportation route for indigenous
people move around and becomes a source of water for daily use for indigenous
people. With the construction of this dam, indigenous people no longer get
benefit from the river. This will make it difficult and affect the people’s
daily lives.

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                   The winner for the stage
before the construction of the dam is the government. The construction of this
dam is to increase the use of hydropower to advance the development of the industrialization
in Malaysia (Ritchie, 2005). With the construction of this dam, the local
government can further strengthen its relationship with the federal government because
at early stage of this project, the main idea is 70% of the power out from the
Bakun dam will be sent through undersea cables to peninsular Malaysia. The
reason given is because Peninsular Malaysia have more industrial development to
be done, rather than Sarawak. But at last the after that federal government and
state government discuss to let the power totally be used in Sarawak (Fund.
B.M, 2014). 

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