Ways use to deal with and eliminate fear?

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Ways that management can recognize the existence of fear inan organization- There are so many ways by which the managementcan recognize the existence of fear in an organization. It is important for acompany or management to recognize fear in an organization because fear resultsin lower productivity, poor quality products hamper growth of an organizationand ultimately affects company’s success. To recognize fear the managementshould observe few things in their organization as listed.Ø  Communicationgaps or one-way communication suggest there is a fear in the organization. Mostcommunications in meetings end up being declarations without any feedback fromemployees.

Ø  Notkeeping the top management in loop during important emails or conversationswhich might be due to the fact that they’re fearful of the top managementsreaction.Ø  Whenthe employee lacks the confidence to speak in front of the top management showsa level of fear.Ø  Theemployees not making eye contact with the top management is also a clear signof fear.Ø  Gossipingaround is a clear sign of self-doubt and insecurity, they’re the employees whodoesn’t like some work practices or policies but instead of talking to topmanagement they gossip around.

 what strategies might managers use to deal with and eliminatefear?Edward Deming’s 14 principles of qualitymanagement includes eliminating fear. Fear has a detrimental effect on people’spotential and performance therefore it is important to eliminate fear in anorganization. Below are some strategies to deal which might be helpful to dealwith fear.Ø  Mostimportantly communicating with your employees on daily basis. Asking them aboutupdates and feedback on daily work.

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Sometimes having a conversation other thanwork would help in eliminating the fear.Ø  Makinga trust worthy relationship among the organization, which improves andencourages communication. On the other hand, low level of trust results indefensiveness and lack of communication.Ø  Notgiving them unachievable targets to complete in short duration of time.Ø  Encouragingconstructive criticism and questions by appreciating them would eliminate fear.Ø  Providingproper training and making sure the new employees are aware of their duties andthey have everything available to perform those duties.Ø  Lettingthe employees know what is expected from them and not held them responsible foreverything  

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