Do Water ways effect how we look at the world today? Waterways influence the economic, social, and the political developments of a nearby nation in many different ways. The water ways that I have chosen to discuss are seas, rivers and oceans. In this essay I will talk about how water ways influence a nearby nation.Water ways play a significant role in everyday life.
Thefirst example of how water ways effect a nearby nation are the Seas. The seas that I have chosen are the Mediterranean, and the Red sea. The Mediterranean effects the nearby nation by allowing Italy to trade with Egypt. People built boats to travel to other nations. It also helps spread and receive culture from their travels. The Mediterranean can help protect Italy, and Greece from invaders. It also can provide food for the northern part of Africa and for the southern part of Europe. The Red sea effects a nearby nation by helping Egypt and Asia to trade and spread culture. It also allowed people inEgypt to travel do in and go to India without having to go all the way around Africa from using the Mediterranean. It was also a food source for both of them.
The second example of how waterways that effect a nearby nation are rivers. The rivers that I have chosen are the Nile, and Amazon river. The Nile river helps people in lower Egypt to use it to trade with people from upper Egypt. The gift of the Nile is that the river floods and provides the soil with rich nutrients. The the farmers can use the rich alluvial soil to grow crops. The Nile also provides food for the capital of Cairo. The next river is the Amazon it helps people in South America to trade and spread ideas within the nation. It provides the people with food for Manaus to eat and us it to trade with.
The third example areoceans that effect nearby nations. The oceans the I have chosen are the Atlantic, and the Indian ocean. The Atlantic ocean helps the U.S. trade with Europe. It pr

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