“Water in the developing countries has become

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“Water is one of the most
important natural resources which is necessary for the sustenance of life on
the earth .The rapidly increasing population and industrialization increase the
demand and reduces the quality of water day by day .The quality of water draws
the attention of various scientists and researchers, as the reduction in water
quality becomes a great threat to the sustainability of life on the earth.

Water quality is an
important factor to predict environmental changes, which are strongly
associated with social and economic development. The evaluation of water in the
developing countries has become a critical issue in recent years, especially
due to the concern that fresh water will be scare in near future. Water from a
certain source may be good enough for drinking without any treatment but it may
not be suitable as a coolant in an industry. It may be good for irrigating
certain crops but not for certain other crops.

Now days the problem of
drinking water contamination, water conservation and water quality management
become very important 1. For the water quality management WQI is of great
importance and various parameters get selected depending upon the intended use
of water. Generally it is done based on the need of human consumption 2-4.
Water Quality Indices (WQI) is a tool to summarize large amounts of water
quality data into more simple terms for the better understanding about the
quality of that particular water sample 5-9.

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WQI indicates the quality
of water in terms of index number which represents overall quality of water for
any intended use. The WQI was Water is one of the precious natural resources
present on the earth for survival of both animals and plants .Quality of water
is equally important to the quantity available. Water quality index is valuable
and unique rating to depict the overall water quality status in a single term
that is helpful for treatment technique to meet the concerned issues. However,
WQI depicts the composite influence of different water quality parameters and
communicates water quality information to the public and legislative decision
makers.  The study of Water quality
indices (WQIS) here is based on industrial effluent for year 2011.

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