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Watching movies is my favorite pastime. The most recent technological advancements, epic stories that we only heard of, key documentaries and other literature are best portrayed in movies. To me, “Titanic” will remain my favorite movie, not only due to the historical relevance of the movie’s storyline but the scenery featured in the movie and the assertiveness and aptness of the actors makes the movie to stand head and shoulder above all others.What is a good movie? A good movie for me would have to be when I can vividly imagine what is going to happen next. I also enjoy when I feel like the character. There are a lot of specific qualities that are important to me in a movie. Quality acting is just one of my major must haves to a good movie. Quality acting brings and gives the movies life. When watching a movie the acting should be so good that it seems that they are in their everyday life. A powerful message also brings a movie together. It gives the movie a theme to work from so that the movie isn’t all over the place. The most important quality to a good movie is that I can see how passionate the cast is about the plot that they are taking part in.The last movie that I watched was The Titanic. This movie is a good representation of what I look for in a movie. I can vividly feel their pain, happiness, and agony as I watch the plot. The acting of the characters is tremendous. The quality of the acting that the characters bring is so realist that it seems that they are not just re-enacting a tragic historical event, but they are living it. Titanic’s powerful message is definitely heard through the movie. My most important quality in a movie is definitely shown through The Titanic. The cast gave their all, and it shows. The Titanic meets all my qualities that I look for in a movie.Many people are attracted to different kind a movie. The best movie I have ever seen that attracted me with all kinds an emotion, the best looking and interesting actors and the music was “Titanic”. The movie “Titanic” ignited many emotions and attractions on an audience. When it first came out in the theaters, everybody was talking only about “Titanic” and movie characters. Some of one was curios to see what happen and after almost three hours sitting in front of the screen they were full of all kinds an emotion.For sure “Titanic” got most of the Oscars for the best movie of the year,and I think it really deserved with all the best characters and the best picture.But what is that ,that really attracted me in that movie? The first attraction that I had is because it is based on one of the true stories ,that really happen. The plot was great and all characters are really amazing. When I first heard  about “Titanic” I wasn’t that much interesting to see it, but when my friend told me what is it about, I was curious. Usually I don’t like long movies, but “Titanic” was something different, when I watched the time past so quickly, I was into movie so much that I didn’t even felt how time goes so fast. However, the special effects were truly amazing.They gave me a sense of actually being there, and brought home how tragic the entire episode was. To see and hear those hundreds of people crying out while floating in water was the most emotional part of the movie for me. I don’t like seeing death people any ways if I know that is not truth or how people cry out for help, I was so into movie that I had emotion I could help those people, but that was just in my mind. I was so disappointed that I cried at the end of the movie because how nobody could help many people to survive and how one romantic story finished.   “Titanic” is a 1997 film that tells the romantic and tragic story of two teenagers who meet on a ship and fall in love. It tells the story of Jack Dawson and Rose Bukater, who while on the RMS Titanic ship on its maiden voyage from the coast of England to the United States fall in love at first sight, despite their different social classes. Dawson, a young talented artist from a poor background, and Rose, a young woman married to a wealthy but cruel older man who she does not love, go through a short but dramatic love life. “Titanic” reveals the nature of relationships that exist in the society, and whose relevance applied not only in the early twentieth century but which still makes sense to this day. A teenage girl from a wealthy family can, today, get married to a poor boy from a humble background as long as the two are in love.Apart from the power of love to thrive in every situation as a dominant theme, “Titanic” reveals the fact that man can find love anywhere regardless of the prevailing situation. Rose is about to jump off the back of the ship into the cold ocean water and Jack tells him, “I’ll be right after you” ready to jump into the water to save her. When the ship’s crew’s attention is drawn to Jack and Rose as they make love on the ship’s deck, the ship hits an iceberg. The death of 1500 out of 2200 people on board and the frantic effort to save some of the passengers only adds to the beauty of the story. It is a sad attempt for Jack to salvage his lover as ocean water sweeps into the deck, drowning many passengers. The naivety of the two love birds and Rose’s defiance of her mother’s directives “not to see Jack again” reinforces the theme of timeless, bold love.The film’s scene makes the story more compelling.  The dolphins playing beside the ship as it departs from the coast of England, the sunny weather at the start of the journey, and Jack’s determination to ensure Rose lives a happy, fulfilled life adds flavor to an already beautiful tale. The allegation that the ship was “unsinkable” and that even God Himself could not sink the ship stimulates the audience’s desire to watch the rest of the movie to verify that allegation.Few movies inspire as much emotion as “Titanic.” While few others capture my emotion leading to greater attachment, including “Shawshank redemption,””Saving Private Ryan” (1998), “The Pianist” (2002), “Rain Man” (1988), and “Casablanca” (1942), “Titanic” definitely stands out for its combination of various elements and perfect acting. The main actors bring out the message of the movie clearly, and they embody the situation and life of the twentieth century as well as the modern times.In conclusion, the 1997 film “Titanic” remains my all-time favorite movie. No expression of the youthful desires and experiences in human life comes close to the ones portrayed in the film. Every aspect of the movie, ranging from casting to scene selection is done flawlessly and the themes come out clearly and perfectly.

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