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Sir Thomas More was an Englishman who lived from 1478-1535. During that time period, he was a well revered and respected man, a "chancellor of England" who served under Henry VIII. He his most known for two acts; the writing of his book Utopia, and for dying for what he believed in. More was also a Christian Humanist, many of which now view him as a martyr of their cause. Based historical facts, and actions he took, More can be considered more of a rather modern man than a medieval man.
Luther's ideas and reforms on Christianity were in direct conflict with the Catholic Church.These ideas, reforms, and thoughts on faith was the spark plug that started theProtestant Reformation.Luther began his career as an Augustinian Monk in the Roman Catholic Church. Consequently, Luther was initially loyal to the papacy, and even after many theological conflicts, he attempted to bring about his reconciliation with the Church. But this didn't last long because Luther waged battle with the papacy. Luther was to become a theologian. This is where he wrote the Ninety-Five Theses.It is usually considered to be the original document of the Reformation. Basically, this document exposed all the wrongs of the Catholic Church from indulgences to immoral behavior of priests.
When Thomas More wrote his book, its name showed people how he felt on the subject. He called it Utopia, which means literally "nowhere."Why would More write a book on an ideal civilization, and call it "nowhere"? Most scholars believe, that he was trying to show the people of his time how far they were from an ideal society, and at the same time implying the hopelessness of the human race to ever achieve a Utopia. He deemed it "A good place which is no place."More's book dealt widely on the faults of mankind, and almost nothing with religious aspects. If More was truly a "medieval" man,…

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