After to make life better for the country.Communism

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After WWII, Americans knew they lived in the strongest
and “greatest” country on earth.They were however afraid
of communism at home and abroad.Through the reading and
discussions in this class I have found the primary reasoning
for this fear was because they did not want to think our
After the war businesses were trying to get back to
normal and trying to convert form planes to cars so to
speak.The entire economy was working to make life better
for the country.Communism was going on all over the world
in country’s like china and Russia.The U.S. must always be
the superpower so they put their two cents in when speaking
about foreign affairs.The government did not want to deal
with other country’s because they did not want the communist
influence to take effect in the U.S.So the Americans were
making their own things in factory’s and such.People were
unable to buy goods they wanted or needed.
During the cold war Joe McCarthy began t put out list
of people whom he thought were communist in the U.S. The
McCarthyism era began a widespread fear of communism.
People in the U.S. were taught that communism was bad and
anyone affiliated wit it were bad too.People were called
“red or “pink” for showing suspicious signs of communism.
Communist country’s were not people whom you wanted to be
affiliated with.McCarthy went crazy in accusing many
people of being red or pink.McCarthy blamed many innocent
people and few like the Rosenburg’s were killed and later
The McCarthy era can be compared to the book The
Crucible.The children in the book had done something bad
and got caught, but to take the attention off them they
began to accuse people of being witches.People that had
crossed them in some way became the ones who were accused
and later innocently convicted and killed.I feel that

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