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There are a number of articles currently being written about the War
in Iraq.It is interesting to look at an article by Niall Ferguson and
determine whether or not to agree with it.
America’s current presence in Iraq is chillingly similar to the
events which occurred in 1920 when Britain “drove the Ottoman Turks out of
the country.The United States has attempted an outrightregime change’
in Iraq, which is comparable to what Britain attempted by being liberators
in 1920 (Ferguson).”During both instances, the opposing forces have
“consisted of undisciplined militias (Ferguson).”
Religious foundations were the origins of both wars, however they
soon “transcended the country’s ancient ethnic and sectarian divisions
(Ferguson).”The parallels between 1920 and today also include
demonstrations against the British and Americans, revolts, violence,
communication interference, and the taking of hostages.”Then as now, much
of the violence was symbolic than strategically significant – British
bodies were mutilated, much as American bodies were at Falluja (Ferguson).”
It is important for all Americans to realize the similarities between
1920 and today.Both President Bush and Senator Kerry need to reacquaint
themselves with the history of Iraq and remember the sayingthose who do
not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it’.
Mr. Ferguson’s article provided an insightful look at the past,
present and possible future for the people of Iraq.He points out that
“Iraqis themselves will be the biggest losers if the United States cuts and
runs.Fear of the wrong quagmire could consign them to a terrible hell
(Ferguson).” These final thoughts about facing reality are easy for most
Americans to agree with once they understand Iraq’s history.
Niall Ferguson’s article “The Last Iraqi Insurgency” provided an

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