Warren with a only few political scandals. He

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Warren Gamaliel Harding was an affluent speaker, he gave the business a free hand, and his return to normalcy led to a fairly decent presidency, plagued with a only few political scandals.
He was born in the town of Corsica, Ohio in on November 2, 1865. Hisfirst real 30b was an editor of the local newspaper, and that is what got him interested in public affairs. He was married to Florence Kling DeWolfe, against her father’s wishes who was a prestigious banker of Marion. She became a major influence in his life, and as his fortune improved under her watchful eye he became more of a prominent figure in the local community then finally attracting the attention of political authorities. He won the seat on the Ohio Senate, then served on William H. Taft’s committee at the Republican national convention. He ran for lieutenant governor and was shot down, then was defeated for governor; he then ran for the senatorial nomination and finally won. He liked serving in Senate and really made no important speeches or introduced any important legislation. Having respectable qualities as a senator he was nominated to run for the presidential office by the Republicans.
His campaign promises is one of the better known ones, he promised to return the country to normalcy a word he used to describe the good old days. He never really challenged the any major topics in his campaign promises mainly sticking to old Republican virtues so as not to cause any conflict. He also was on the fence for other legislation at the time such as the league issues. He mainly was a indifferent machine mouthing what the party told him to and not be creative or real with his own ideas. One main reason I believe this is because he did not really want the office, but felt more at home at the Senate but could not give up the opportunity. Some topics he used in his administration were as follows. He passed ship subsidies, a high tariff, immigration re

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