During the summer of 1914 World War I

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During the summer of 1914 World War I had begun when Austria-Hungary declared on Serbia. Nobody knew that twenty-one years later another world war would spark. Both wars very different because of the age gap but very alike on the subject of war. World War I began in the Balkans, where Archduke Francis Ferdinand heir to the Austria-Hungary throne was assassinated. Austria-Hungary accused Serbia of the assassination of their Archduke which would spark the beginning of a war. Austria-Hungary gained a promise of support for any action it took against Serbia. A list of demands was then sent to Serbia from Austria-Hungary. Serbia accepted most of the demands. Serbia then offered to have the rest settled by an international conference. When Austria-Hungary did not accept the offer they declared war on Serbia and expected a quick victory. World War II began on September 1st, 1989 when Germany declared war on Poland, Poland being the largest country for the Jewish population. Adolf Hitler had turned Germany into a war machine. Germany now powerful as ever crushed Poland, Denmark, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, and France.
World War I and World War II both had Germany on the enemy side against the US. Both of the wars were actually because of Germany, Germany backed Austria-Hungary which declared war on Serbia in WWI. Germany invaded Poland in WWII which caused the war to begin. WWI was a bit shorter than WWII which lasted for six years, where WWI lasted only about 4 years. In WWI Germany invaded only a few countries with the battles whereas in WWII Germany took over many countries with Hitler in power. Both of the wars were hoped as to be quick victories but that never happened. Also with both of the wars the US always started out as staying neutral until they were bought into the wars.In WWII the rise of dictatorships had come into play in Italy, Japan, the Soviet Union, and Germany. With WWI there were no set dictatorships…

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