The Tudor rose to the occasion and laid

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The War of the Roses was a war for the thrown of England. When Edward III died in
1377, he left no direct heir to the throne of England. It was decided that his son, Edward III’s
grandson, should inherit the throne.However Henry, Duke of Lancaster opposed of this, and
died in the vain as his life was spent in pursuit of the kingdom. The single most probable event
that was responsible for the starting of the War of the Roses was when in 1399,Henry
Bolingbroke seized the throne from Edward’s grandson Richard II and declared himself King
Henry IV.Even though Henry IV was not the best and most ideal King, his son Henry V
inherited the kingdom and proved to be a great King. A few months after being crowned, Henry
once more regained the throne. He held it for only a few months and then Edward captured Henry
and seized power for himself again. After Henry V died he left his two sons, Richard and
Edward, to the care of their uncle Richard.However the two boys were murdered and Richard
(the uncle) pronounced himself King.However there was another who claimed the thrown.
Henry Tudor rose to the occasion and laid claim on the thrown of England.On August 22nd,
1485, Richard and Henry met at Bosworth. By the end of the day, Henry was crowned King of
England, and Richard was dead.Henry's only opposition was a few Lords and Nobel's, these
men were either in support of Henry or dead by1490.By Henry's marriage of the last of the
Yorkist line, Joan of Brittany in 1403,the War of the Roses could be defined as over.

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