WAR took claim to the throne.Richard II

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"O! Pity, pity; gentle Heaven, pity.
The red rose and the white rose on his face.
The fatal colours of our striving houses."
The War of the Roses basically began because Edward III had too many sons.The kings during this historical period were either tyrants, crazy, or not intelligent.Conflicts and betrayals sparked everywhere.And thus, the War of the Roses was the most complex and influential war in English history.
Edward III had won many of victories but his death was sadly ignominious for such a momentous reign-for King Edward had time and again humbled the French during his campaigns in the Hundred Years War, wreaking destruction their lands and thrashing their navies and armies at the celebrated battles of Sluys and Crecy. ("War of the Roses").He died in 1377 and his son Edward the Black Prince became king and even captured the French king.Unfortunately for him, he was past his prime and the French fought back and reclaimed most of what was lost in less than a decade.Then Edward III's eldest son, Richard II, took claim to the throne.Richard II was a tyrant, egomaniac, and had an evil temperament.He killed his uncle, Thomas of Woodstock, for exiling Richard's close friend and lover Michael De La Pole.In addition, word got out that Henry of Bolingbroke had intent to betray the king.Thomas of Mowbry, Earl
of Nottingham, warned Henry to be cautious of the king.However, when the king heard, he went looking for the man who gave warning.Henry and Thomas accused each other and the king decided the matter was to be decided with trial by combat.However, before the fight could begin, the king exiled both men.It was a bad idea to alienate someone as powerful as Henry in such a way.A little time later, the king decided to claim Henry's vast estate. When Henry heard of this he was infuriated.Henry broke exile, ga…

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