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In this essay I will be discussing the major events and battles that took place during
the War of 1812.The war was a conflict fought between the United States and Great
Britain.It started in 1812 and lasted until the spring of 1815.My thesis statement is: The
War of 1812 was a war that neither side won.
There were four main causes for the war taking place.These were impressment,
boundary problems, the Warhawks, and the British supplying the Ohio Country Indians with
weapons and supplies.Henry Clay, who was the leader of the Warhawks, convinced
Americans that defeating British North America, "is only a matter of marching."He knew
that Britain wouldn't have any troops to spare because of their involvement in the
Soon after the outbreak of the war, the British forces on St. Joseph's Island moved
toward the American held Mackinac Island and the next morning were in position on the hill
above the fort with cannons and muskets aimed down into it.The American commander,
Lieutenant Porter Hanks, immediately surrendered.Lieutenant Hanks wasn't even warned
by his own government that they declared war.
Americans began to worry about the exposed fort of Detroit.The U.S. quickly
dispatched Brigadier General William Hull with reinforcements to the fort.In July, General
Hull decided to cross the Detroit River into Upper Canada.His militia was poorly equipped,
so when Hull learned of an approaching force made up of British troops, Canadian militia,
and native Americans, he quickly retreated back to Detroit.General Isaac Brock led the
British units.Brock took his army on the offensive and followed Hull back to Detroit.
Brock's intentions were to secure the western frontier for the British.In the battle of Detroit
he was able to take control over Detroit without firing a single shot.Now the entire northern

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