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wants to kick out the Mexican people from America and just leave the
American people. I think that’s pretty much rude. Everyone should be fair, and
we should all be treated the right way.”1

He uses this to describe how Latino youth sees Trump’s comments as
¨rude¨ and unfair. We know this is his opinion too because he mentions that
Trump’s ¨ unapologetic xenophobia has helped to push his presidential campaign to the
top of the fractured Republican field.¨2

This shows us that even though he does not
directly write his opinion down, we still notice his arguments, and we still
understand the meaning of his statements.

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In addition to hidden arguments through
interviews, he also uses irony in his argumentation. He does this by comparing
trump to a boogeyman. He does this because it helps us see it in another
perspective, a perspective adults would not think in. He does it to describe
the discriminatory rhetoric that Trump uses against the Latino community, and
to show that he is as evil as the boogeymen in Mexican folklore, “He’s a
villain in a flaccid pompadour, spewing threats and insults that have filtered
down into the bosom of many a Latino family, to be heard by children gathered
by the television set or at the dinner table.”3.

This clearly shows us that he is not satisfied with Trump’s remarks and that
they affect both children and adults. This could also suggest that Trump has
become a common topic to discuss in the daily lives of the Latino community.


Allusions are also successfully used in the
article. He indirectly compares trump to Nazi politicians in the old Weimar
Republic, where he indirectly says that Trump has found a minority he can pick
on, ¨ Like certain
politicians in the Weimar Republic, he’s found a largely defenseless group to
pick on — who also happen to be reviled by a bankable minority of the
electorate.”4. here
he compares Trump to Hitler and the Latino community to Jews in the 1930’s. He
calls them defenseless, and he also mentions that they are a minority of the
electorate. Therefore he points out that Latinos do not have significant
political representation compared to other large ethnic groups, as there are
only 4 senators of Latino descent, while the Latino population is approx. 57.5
million In 2017.5 6

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