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Walt Disney was the Mickey Mouse of the
twentieth century.His imagination forged ideas
unthinkable by us.Many great things were a
product of his mind.Characters came alive when
he put pen to paper. Disney created things far
above our mind, but made America far better than
Walter Elias Disney was born on December 5th
1901 in Chicago Illinois.One of five kids, whose
parents were Flora Disney, and Elias
Disney,(Eliot).Shortly after birth, he moved to
Marceline Missouri with his family.As a child, he
was beaten by his father. Also as a child, he was
interested in photography and drawing.Because
he was interested in drawing, he sold sketches to
neighbors as a kid.During the night, he went to
the academy of fine Arts as a teen.One of his
influences to go to this school was Charlie
Chaplin.Another influence was his brother.His brother
influenced him by determination and love for your job.
As said by Eliot, work was an important thing to Disney.In his teens, he became the editor of McKinley newspaper.
After the newspaper, he went to the army.Seeing as he
was to young, he changed his birth papers to 16, not 15. In
the army, he became a chauffeur to 4 officials.He drove
After the army, Walt Disney created the mouse book.
This caused many companies to see Disney as a great artist
and writer.Due to the response of his published books, he moved to Hollywood CA in 1923, (Kclibrary.com). At California, he got a job at Kansas Ad company. At Kansas ad company, he met Ubbe Iwerks, his soon to be working partner.Written by Eliot, he says that Disney started laugh-o-grams with Iwerks after their jobs at Kansas ad company.At Laugh-0-grams he hired Graham. Graham proved to be so good, he had Graham teach an art class.Grahams class proved to be popular.
When Laugh-0-grams went sour, Iwerks and Disney started up the Iwerks-Disney commercial …

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