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As it has been revealed, images are more powerful in persuasion and information provision than mere words. This is due to their ability to reach a wider audience base, including those who are unable to read or write. Importantly, images are efficient in producing clear mental images about the information being conveyed. On this basis, many advertisers have been finding it more effective and efficient to use visual objects and pictures in their advertisements, which are reinforced by some explanatory words.

Since images are great influencers on thinking patterns, their massive use in various advertisements impact more to the target groups than just mere words. It has been revealed that, images portray hidden values of culture and therefore more appealing on human beliefs and values. Considering the advertisement shown below, eye appeal has been greatly realized. The use of color mix in this advertisement seems appealing. Having green color mixed with and blue in the container in which the drink is stored reflects massive power of the drink to meet the consumer’s needs. This is because; green and blue are considered as natural colors, implying that nothing exceeds nature.

As a result, this ad meets the requirements of the consumers in its color mix to assuring success to the drink takers in their racing tournaments. In fact, the use of colors in this advertisement has largely realized the ultimate goal of enticing the target group of the product In the advertisement shown above, the advertisement seems highly appealing by presenting how the castrode drink gives individuals supernatural power to win in a very competitive racing tournament. More precisely, the advertiser presents the drink as enhancing individuals to reach high levels than expected. For instance, the advertisement presents a motor-bike sporting activity, where the advertiser presents the contestant who drinks castrode drink as reaching the sky, and finally emerges as the winner.

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This is a very powerful eye appealing advertisement, capable of creating enthusiasm among the consumers to take the drink. The use of visuals to reflect naturality in an advertisement impacts more than just mere words to the target groups. The use of shock appeal in this advertisement has largely made the message being conveyed sink deeper in the target group’s heart. Having a figurative contestant in a racing tournament who seems to be reaching the sky, reflects the powerful nature of the drink to make individuals reach far much higher than they expected. If fact, the use of sky at the back ground of this visual advertisement shows how natural the drink is to enhance self actualization. Quite significantly, the images presented in this advertisement reflect a real life racing tournament where individuals who take the castrode drink always emerges as winners. The use of visuals to reflect real life situation in an advertisement as one of the most powerful strategies to facilitate consumer’s confidence in the product.


As it has been revealed, high degree of accuracy in advertising is achieved through the use of pictures, other than using only mere words.

With effective use of color mix, and presenting the pictures used to represent real life situation, the target group is greatly enticed to purchase the commodity. It has been revealed that, information presented by use of pictures impacts a lot on the mind, as precise and accurate information is relayed by use of images, rather than mere words.

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